Welcome to Mindful Transitions, a counseling and therapy practice designed to guide you through life challenges and transform yourself.  My name is John Kinnaird. I help empower you to resolve inner conflict with a compassionate understanding of how to move your life forward.  The result is a Mindful Transition into the next version of you.

Mindful Transitions provides a safe place to discover how to:

  • move through difficult life circumstances
  • grow relationships and enhance connections
  • manage stress, anxiety and depression
  • change difficult emotions
  • resolve current or past trauma
  • break unhealthy addictions and behaviors
  • understand yourself more deeply
  • clarify your goals and achieve them
  • increase your experiences of joy, peace and happiness

Life’s challenges are opportunities to build emotional strength, resilience and self confidence.  I would be honored to be a part of your discovery of how to transition into the next version of yourself.

With Gratitude,

John Kinnarid, LCSW, EMDR II, CHt.