Marsha Linehan and Mindfulness Skills

Marsha Linehan brought mindfulness to counseling and therapy. From her studies she created skills that can be learned to accept and change yourself. In this video she explains the skills of Observe, Describe, and Participate. At Mindful Transitions Counseling of Fort Collins, John Kinnaird LCSW uses mindfulness based therapy and counseling to help clients transition through life challenges.

DBT and Acceptance

Marsha Linehan, the founder of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), shares how she found acceptance. From her study, she developed skills and counseling strategies to help people accept themselves, solve life problems and move towards their potential.

Mindfulness, Acceptance and Counseling

Learn to face your anxiety

Anxiety, depression, pain and suffering can be distracting, challenging and a barrier to our true self. We buy into our emotions as unsolvable or caused by others. Can we pause, detach from our thoughts and see the reality of our life from a perspective that holds our values and true sense of self. Many times the solution is within us to learn to face anxiety.

In this Ted Talk Steven Hayes explains how ACT provided a solution to anxiety and panic in his life.

Facing Anxiety Head On