In 1993, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in health sciences from the University of Wyoming. I spent time working in a neuroscience laboratory studying the effects of stress. In 1996 I began clinical work with trauma survivors of physical and sexual abuse. I earned a Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University in 1998 and a Clinical License in Wyoming in 2000 and Colorado in 2002. Throughout these experiences, my goal was to learn how our body works to help heal pain and suffering.

My experience with Neuroscience, Health Science, Psychology, Social Work and trauma survivors contributed to my belief in holistic approaches. I sought out the modern day pioneers of mind-body psychology such as Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Linehan, and Steven Hayes. I have studied their work, attended workshops and trainings facilitated by Jon and Marsha. My studies translated into successful healing for many I have helped.

In 2007 I opened a Private Practice called Mindful Transitions to complement my work in adolescent and family trauma. I found that my experience and treatment methods were extremely helpful for adults to meet their personal goals and transform themselves. In 2012, I closed the practice to be with my children and focus on full time non-profit administration. In April 2019, I returned to my passion of helpIng others find their way.

-John Kinnaird LCSW